Bingo – from beans and frozen fish to fabulously fun!

Today we can play bingo from the comfort of our own homes and play whenever we want, where we want, as we want. Bingo as we know today comes from the old game called Beano. It was called Beano for the reason that the players put beans on the cards to mark the numbers, and when they got the correct winning combinations, they yelled: “Beano!” That name had to change of course when we stopped playing with beans.

The essence of the old bingo halls was to meet people, and the social aspect of bingo is still one of the biggest reasons playing bingo. The good thing with today’s online bingo halls is that you can practically make friends all around the world – from the spot of your kitchen table! Many people go to their favorite bingo site just to catch up with funny people and make new connections. Some people even found their future husband and wife on a bingo site! Not to mention the winnings today. Forget about the frozen ducks and vacuum packed salmons and play about luxury products, trips around the world, and 6-figured numbers of cash.

Today, there are no bingo stereotypes. No typical “bingo player”. But they seem to have one thing in common – they like to socialize.  Studies have shown that people who play bingo online also like other group activities that combine fun and friends – like bowling for example. Nowadays surveys have also shown that women tend to like bingo more than men, which is probably the reason to all bingo halls being decorated in pink ;). The bottom line is still: Online bingo is for everyone, anytime.

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