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Is Bingo The Friendliest Form Of Gambling?

For many years, British people have been playing bingo games with their friends in the hope that their numbers will come in and they’ll bag themselves a full house! The trend of going ‘down the local bingo hall’ with friends has made bingo an incredibly sociable and friendly form of gambling in comparison to some of the other more solitary ways of having a flutter.

Here, we’re going to discuss whether bingo really is the friendliest form of gambling or whether it’s reputation is underserved.

Bingo Halls

Before the dawn of online casinos and bingo rooms, people visited their local bingo hall, bought some tickets and had fun with their friends. Although this is a form of gambling, it is often seen as more of a social event in comparison to visiting a casino or placing a bet at the bookies. Friends could sit together, laugh together all sharing the hope of having a win. At bingo halls, although everyone wants to be the first to strike off their numbers, theres generally a feeling of understanding and even pleasure, to see a fellow player take a win.

Online Bingo

When it comes to online bingo, there are plenty of sociable aspects that make this a very friendly form of gambling. When players sign up, they’re often encouraged to refer a friend and get a reward for doing so. On top of this, on some sites, friends who have been referred can benefit from each other’s wins. Also, on bingo sites there are chat rooms where players can get to know each other and make friends online, just as they would do in a traditional hall. (more…)

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Online bingo – Just play, have fun and make friends

Online bingo is among the easiest of online games to play and that is why online bingo is among the most popular of online casino games in the world. Unlike poker and baccarat, there are very few rules. All you have to do is, cover all the numbers on your card first and the prize is yours!

Another attractive feature of online bingo sites is that players can chat with each other at any given time. This way, they are not only just playing a game but are socializing with each other as well. The community on GameVillage is one that will surely impress you as there are frequent player meets outside the virtual world where players, chat hosts and the whole team meet over a few drinks and good food. That sure is time well spent among bingo enthusiasts.

Online bingo

GameVillage always tries to keep a close bond with their players and this goes to show how well established the sites bingo culture actually is. Recently, the site’s chat hosts have also been surprising players at their homes and this is what makes GameVillage a pretty cool bingo site to be part of.

While playing on the site, players are guaranteed to have a player experience that is just as good. There are plenty of bonus offers both for newbies and regular players. The site’s welcome offer stands at a massive 400% on an initial deposit of just £5 along with a free spin on the fortune wheel where players are guaranteed to win additional prizes. Quite the deal isn’t it?

So hurry, join GameVillage now and there is no way you are ever going to get bored as you will have plenty of games to choose from, chat hosts to entertain you and fun loving people to meet.

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How Blackjack And Free No Deposit Bingo Games Are Closely Aligned

There are online games today in the market that have got quite a few similarities when it comes to their features, game plot and rewards. Free no deposit bingo and blackjack are just those two games that are often considered two parts of the same coin. There are many good reasons that actually prove that both the games are closely aligned and have the similar type of player base. Though both have different names, but quite similar in nature. So, what are those points that make both the games similar in nature? Let’s find out below.

First of all, both games have simple yet interesting game play for those who play them attentively and with full heart. But it doesn’t mean that skills are not required. If you are playing for fun then its fine. If you are playing to win jackpot prizes or cash bonus then both games do require skills and you have to play accordingly. By putting skills and strategy, players can make a huge difference in winning the games.I look out for different bingo sites to get bonus and have observed that while using free no deposit bingo at, players can turn the luck into their favour in no time.

Free No Deposit Bingo

Both free no deposit bingo and blackjack, are social games. Both the games are popularly played in most of the online bingo sites where players get chance to learn tricks from experienced players, chat with friends and kill their boredom at the same time. Therefore, interaction plays the major role in playing them and both give ample scope for that to players.

Last but certainly not the least, free no deposit bingo and blackjack are known as ‘Cash cow’ games because both have strong potential to double your deposited money. More you wager, more you get. Both games give plenty of opportunities to player for making instant money through various promotions and offers that carry jackpots and instant cash prizes.

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Stay Cool During the Summer – Just play Bingo Online

If you’re trying to entertain yourself this summer, you’re not alone. It can be really hard to find solid entertainment that won’t just become boring within five minutes of playing. If you decide to leave your home, you’re going to have to deal with a lot of crowds, noise, and traffic. Ugh — who really wants to deal with that? Plus, if you have young children, the idea of taking them into public overtime that you want to have a good time is a little much. It would be much easier to let the kids get occupied with something at home or fall asleep and then you’re free to pursue your own devices.

We think that playing bingo online is a great alternative to a lot of issues found in seeking entertainment these days. You’re going to save a lot of money, make new friends, and have fun on your terms.

Making money with bingo is something that can’t really be done offline all the time. If you’re going to go online and seek entertainment, you might as well play for real money. Why would you want to play for fake money that isn’t going to do you any favors? There’s no risk there — you could risk all of your chips and guess what? There’s new chips waiting for you later.

What about making new friends? If you’re someone that doesn’t get to go out often, you might be lacking in terms of new offline friends. Why do you want to suffer when you could make online friends that can at least keep you company. Depending on your location, you might actually find online friends that would love to meet up in real time to do some stuff. Obviously, you’ll have to be on your guard because they came online but there’s nothing wrong with trying, right?

You get to have a world of options placed in your hands. Bingo is something that covers a lot more ground than people think. They assume that bingo is just the classic “five in a line” type game, but bingo has become so much more. It’s not just about that — you have slow bingo, fast bingo, 89 ball bingo…the list goes on and on.

Bingo is something that can help you release stress and start seeing the fun side of life. There are a lot of serious topics in life. Thankfully, this isn’t one of them. You need something that isn’t serious in your life in order to recharge, rest, and recover. Then you can go back to taking care of the big things in your life. Good luck!

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New Look Bingo is the New Name for Free Bingo Money

Bingo has provided many of us with amazing tangible gifts, loads of cash prizes, some great buddies, sole mates and innumerable memories. Online Bingo has grown like never before and there are hundreds of online bingo site with zillions of different kinds of offers in store for their players. So we at Exclusive Picks have picked up New Look Bingo among the many available in the bingo world ‘cos we thought it’s one of the bests and gives it’s players a value for their money in the real terms.

New Look Bingo came into the bingo world as late as in 2013 but in the last one and a half years this new bingo site has made a place of their own. Well the main reason has been the incentives you get for playing in here. Once you just join the site you would be awarded with an amazing £15 which obviously requires no deposit. The best part which we thick all you bingo lovers would love is that you can choose your own avatar linked to the user names that you guys use for playing. Isn’t that cool?

Free Bingo Money

With that £15 you can just hop on over to their free bingo rooms and play for real cash. They have two rooms exclusively for free bingo. However one among them is for the depositing players. But if you are just browsing through then the Free Bingo room is just perfect. But if you love this site which we are sure you would then simply deposit a mere tenner and play in their Free Cash Room. A 90 ball bingo room for their veteran players who like some free bingo action. Other ways of bagging some great freebies without being a depositing player at New Look Bingo is by following them on Twitter. Yes bingo lovers follow them on Twitter and get 100 bingo cards absolutely free. Also are you one of those who simply loves reading then you must be a part of their amazing blog section. Subscribe to their blog and stay informed about our great offers. Plus bag 500 free spins when you subscribe and validate your email. This thus is the best way to play bingo no deposit required and still get some cool free money, free spins and bingo card.

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Bingo – from beans and frozen fish to fabulously fun!

Today we can play bingo from the comfort of our own homes and play whenever we want, where we want, as we want. Bingo as we know today comes from the old game called Beano. It was called Beano for the reason that the players put beans on the cards to mark the numbers, and when they got the correct winning combinations, they yelled: “Beano!” That name had to change of course when we stopped playing with beans.

The essence of the old bingo halls was to meet people, and the social aspect of bingo is still one of the biggest reasons playing bingo. The good thing with today’s online bingo halls is that you can practically make friends all around the world – from the spot of your kitchen table! Many people go to their favorite bingo site just to catch up with funny people and make new connections. Some people even found their future husband and wife on a bingo site! Not to mention the winnings today. Forget about the frozen ducks and vacuum packed salmons and play about luxury products, trips around the world, and 6-figured numbers of cash.

Today, there are no bingo stereotypes. No typical “bingo player”. But they seem to have one thing in common – they like to socialize.  Studies have shown that people who play bingo online also like other group activities that combine fun and friends – like bowling for example. Nowadays surveys have also shown that women tend to like bingo more than men, which is probably the reason to all bingo halls being decorated in pink ;). The bottom line is still: Online bingo is for everyone, anytime.

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Add a Little Fun and Sparkle to Your Holiday Season with Online Bingo

Who doesn’t like to win money these days? The idea of being able to go and play bingo and possibly win a great jackpot is the dream of many people. Unfortunately, during the holiday season it’s really hard to get out of the house when there is so much traffic and congestion. It can even get frustrating knowing that you won’t be able to really do all of the things that you want to do, when you want to do them. Instead of feeling like there’s really no hope in the world for you from an entertainment standpoint, it’s time to tap into a tool that so many people use on a daily basis: the Internet.

Now, at this point you might already realize that you use the Internet for a lot of things. There’s nothing wrong with knowing that you will want to use the Internet for your bingo fix. There are new bingo sites being added all the time, giving you a chance to play a wide variety of different bingo variations. For example, you might like fast English bingo, since it’s more challenging. On the other hand, some people like a slower game of bingo. It’s just a matter of knowing what you really want, and going for it. What’s nice about online bingo is that you can actually take it at your own speed. There’s no requirement to do more bingo games than you ultimately.

So, where do you really go for the best online bingo experience? Even though there are a lot of sites out there, one site immediately pops into the mind: Foxy Bingo. It’s a great site that has a lot of ways to play bingo, giving you the most value for your money. You can test drive the site for free, but the welcome bonuses are too good not to check into as well — why not see what they have to offer today?

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Getting the Most from Bingo

Bingo is a game made for people of all ages–from children who have just learned their numbers to adults enjoying their twilight years and everyone in between. This game’s origins are rooted in 14th century Italy where locals enjoyed this distracting pastime that allows luck, not strategy, to rule.

And now that bingo is available to play online, it has maintained its reputation as a fun way to not only pass the time, but also win some money along the way. Since there is no absolute winning strategy for bingo, even those who have never played the game have a shot at winning. Although there are no particular bingo strategies, there are some tips any player can use to increase their odds of winning.

Finding a Home Base

Because online bingo is extremely popular and offers cash prizes to lucky game winners, there are many scrupulous bingo websites on the internet waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting players. These dishonest websites will entice potential members to join by dangling claims of high jackpot winnings and extraordinary member rewards.

Once a player takes the bait, forks over their deposit, and subsequently wins a game, they never receive a dime from the jackpot. Even though not all pay bingo sites engage in this underhanded practice, wary players can avoid this risk by joining a free bingo website.

Smaller Crowds Equal Better Games

As stated before, bingo is all about chance and luck. So the less players you are up against, the greater your chance of taking home a winning prize. When playing online, seek bingo games that have a smaller amount of players.

The Right Cards Mean Everything

After you have found a game without a slew of players, you will be given a certain amount of cards for free, usually one. However, it is recommended that you purchase more bingo cards; these cost 25 cents or more per card. The more cards you use during a single game, the better your chance of coming out the winner. (more…)

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Bingo Bonuses

When you think about bingo, you may not imagine huge cash prizes and great bonuses. However, these are just some of the advantages that you get when you play online.

Online bingo is very competitive you see with many companies who already have online casinos or betting shops, such as Ladbrokes, having their own dedicated bingo sections. This means that they will do what they can to encourage you to play bingo on their website and this can be great for the customer.

Take a look at a selection of sites offering bingo and you will see that they all have something that they use to try to get you to play on their site. This is often a bonus. A bonus is when the company will deposit some money in your account if you perhaps deposit a certain amount yourself or gamble a certain amount of money. They will try different things to try to get you to play on their site and it can be well worth it.

The offers will change with time and so you will need to keep looking to see which ones will suit you. You may also find that there are several offers and you will need to pick the one that you like the most. There may be some offers for new players and some for existing players.

As well as comparing different bingo companies to see which has the best bonuses, you also need to consider other things as well.

You may prefer a company that is well known, one with big jackpots, one with cheap games, one with free registration or the one that is easiest to use. You can find out some of this information by taking a look at the different sites. You may be able to play some free games on them in order to find out what they are like to play at or you may have to rely on reviews written by others in order to find out what they are like. It can be a good idea to look at these anyway as you will find out more about the site that way and what the best and worst features of it are. You may not agree with the reviews, once you have tried the site but it will give you some idea of what it is like to play at and that will help you to decide who to go with initially.

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