Finding a Quality Online Poker Guide

Every day, an increasing amount of players are leaving the in-person poker games of yesteryear in order to give online poker a whirl. Of course, those who are new to the online poker movement will be interested in gaining knowledge pertaining to the inner workings of this poker platform. These people benefit from the information only a quality online poker guide can provide.

However, it is important to discern what constitutes as a “quality” poker guide. And quality is the operative word. An in-depth, accurate online poker guide will be able to navigate newbies through the fun and exciting world of online poker so they can one day become a formidable competitor. This means that when searching for a good poker guide, you must be on the lookout for certain criteria by asking yourself the following questions.

Is the Guide Written by a Credible Poker Authority?

Just as with any type of guide, an online poker guide worth its salt will be written and developed by only poker players who possess an extensive background of knowledge and poker experience. To be further specific, the guide’s writer should ideally be one who has practical online poker experience as opposed to one who has studied the game on a purely academic level. Those with actually online poker experience are hands down the best teachers.

In order to verify their supposed credentials, you can start by conducting a simple online search using their name as your keyword. If they have a long history in the online poker community, you will see their name mentioned on various poker websites and message boards.

Is It Detailed and Thorough?

A quality poker guide will cover a wide range of game knowledge regarding issues solely pertaining to internet poker. Look for a guide that seems to provide answers to questions most frequently asked by online poker novices. If you read a few questions and their answers seem to leave you with more questions instead of more answers, this is not the best guide to choose. Go with an online poker guide that will give you detailed, thorough information.

Does It Read Well?

Any poker guide that is unreadable is useless. Of course, a readable poker guide encompasses several aspects such as being presented in a format that is reader-friendly. In other words, the font should be chosen carefully and graphics will not interfere with the actual text. Ideally, the guide will take information most people are familiar with and relate said information into the poker guide in order to relay it in an clear, understandable manner.

While the guide should explain online poker concepts in an easy-to-understand way, the guide should not “talk down” to the reader. And there is simply no place for ambiguities and generalized information in this type of guide. A good writer knows that the entire reason behind an online poker guide is to clarify ambiguities that plague the new player, not compound their lack of knowledge.

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