Introduction To Seven Card Stud

7 Card Stud is one special variety of poker. The most important aspect of a stud game is by far the betting limit. The betting limit of the game provides the “stud player” with the expectations of the games.

Betting limits vary immensely and can range from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. To play in a “Stud Game”, you will most likely have to pay a buy in fee of 10 times the amount of the betting limit. In stud, the ante varies percentage wise and can be between 10% and 30% for various games. You should check what the ante is for your specific game before “buying in”.

In 7 Card Stud, anything under $50 is considered a friendly game while “buy ins” that range from $100 range to the $9999 dollar range and beyond are often major tournament games.

Dealing is very basic in 7 Card Stud, and is very similar to the dealing methods used in a variety of other poker games. The dealer will pass out one card to each player in the game in a clockwise manner twice so that every player has two cards, known as the “pocket cards”. This is done after the ante is placed.

The dealer than recognizes the player who will begin the betting and the hand begins. Once betting has begun, we are on Third Street as there are three cards on the board. At this point the first better must make a bet that is at lest double the amount of the ante or fold.

The betting continues in a clockwise motion and players can fold, match, or raise the amount. At this point in the hand, all bets are at the lower limit. The game progresses into 4th street where a new card is added to the board by the dealer and the betting continues, this time at the upper limit of the game. Fifth and Sixth street continue in a similar fashion until players reveal their pocket cards and the winner of the round is awarded all the chips bet on that round by the dealer.

In friendly games the dealer often changes with each round, while in casinos and professional games, the dealer is not involved in betting.

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