Is Bingo The Friendliest Form Of Gambling?

For many years, British people have been playing bingo games with their friends in the hope that their numbers will come in and they’ll bag themselves a full house! The trend of going ‘down the local bingo hall’ with friends has made bingo an incredibly sociable and friendly form of gambling in comparison to some of the other more solitary ways of having a flutter.

Here, we’re going to discuss whether bingo really is the friendliest form of gambling or whether it’s reputation is underserved.

Bingo Halls

Before the dawn of online casinos and bingo rooms, people visited their local bingo hall, bought some tickets and had fun with their friends. Although this is a form of gambling, it is often seen as more of a social event in comparison to visiting a casino or placing a bet at the bookies. Friends could sit together, laugh together all sharing the hope of having a win. At bingo halls, although everyone wants to be the first to strike off their numbers, theres generally a feeling of understanding and even pleasure, to see a fellow player take a win.

Online Bingo

When it comes to online bingo, there are plenty of sociable aspects that make this a very friendly form of gambling. When players sign up, they’re often encouraged to refer a friend and get a reward for doing so. On top of this, on some sites, friends who have been referred can benefit from each other’s wins. Also, on bingo sites there are chat rooms where players can get to know each other and make friends online, just as they would do in a traditional hall.

Often in the online chat rooms, players are encouraging each other and celebrating wins together which makes for a convivial atmosphere. It’s interesting to see how online bingo can be just as social as bingo halls even though the players are likely to be located miles apart.

Other Gambling Types

Whilst bingo seems to take the title of the friendliest form of gambling, it wouldn’t be fair to conclude this article without giving poker a mention, an arguable runner up to the title.  Games of poker where groups of friends might meet up to play a tournament as they do here at The Whitby club, or where people take trips to casinos together can also be a friendly experience. However, make no mistake, the tension between poker players is very real and at times fierce – a far cry from the way players offer each other encouragement at the bingo.

Final Verdict

There are lots of reasons why bingo could be considered the friendliest form of gambling, most relating to its inherent ability to bring players together in a friendly atmosphere with a mutual excitement towards a very simple common goal – WINNING!

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