Learn how to play roulette

What is it?

Roulette is played by the dealer spinning a wheel with 37 or 38 numbered slots in which a ball may land. Players can place a variety of bets based on the ball’s final resting place.

The wheel

As we said above, a European roulette wheel has 37 slots numbered from 0 to 36 (an American roulette wheel has an extra slot – the double zero). Each number from 1 to 36 also has a colour, either red or black (zero is green). When the dealer spins the wheel, a ball bounces around until it falls into one of the slots. This is then the winning number for that game.

Quick start – jump straight in!

There are many ways to play roulette online but why not get right in there – choose red or black, or odd or even to double your stack, or go for your lucky number and it’s on for the big win! (All numbers pay out 35-1 if you hit).


Roulette bets are placed by putting chips on the betting area next to the wheel. You’ll see all the numbers in a grid together with other boxes around the outside. These all represent the different bets you can make.

So what other bets can I place?

In roulette, there are two main kinds of bet – outside bets, and inside bets.

Outside bets are made on the outside of the betting area. You can make the following outside bets;

  • Red or black – an even money bet where you bet on the colour of the number where the ball rests.
  • Odd or Even – an even money bet where you bet on whether the winning number is odd or even.
  • High or Low – the final even money bet where you bet on the whether the winning number is high (19 to 36) or low (1 to 18).
  • Thirds, where you bet on which range of numbers the final number will come in (1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36). You can bet on two of the thirds should you wish, meaning that you could win if the ball lands either in 1 to 12 or 25 to 36 for example.
  • Columns, where you bet on which column on the betting board the winning number will be from. Again, you can bet on two columns to increase your chances of winning.

Inside bets are made by placing chips on the inner grid of numbers. But that doesn’t mean you can only do one thing, you can choose

  • Single number: As mentioned above – if you’re chasing a big payout, put your chips straight on a particular number. If that number then comes up, you’ll get a massive 35-1 payout.
  • Split bet: Place your chips on the line between two adjacent numbers, and if either of those numbers come up you’ll get a 17-1 return.
  • Street bets: Place your chips on the edge of a row and if any of those three numbers come up you’ll get 11 times your stake back!
  • Sixline bets: Sticking your chips so it covers two rows of numbers gives you a potential payout of 5-1 if any of those numbers slot in.
  • Corner bet: Place your chips on the intersection of four adjacent numbers and, if the ball lands in any of those four numbers, you’ll get an impressive 8-1 return.

Some players who have ‘lucky numbers’ like to make combination bets whereby they place chips on a range of bets around the same number. For example, Player A’s lucky number is 7. This means he likes to load up number 7 when playing, but also use a range of bets to increase his chances of winning. For example, he places chips on the number, split bets with 7 and its neighbours and also places a street bet for the line with the number 7 in. If his number’s up, it’s going to be a monster payout!

Roulette captures the buzz of the casino perfectly and anyone can go for a whirl with one of the most exciting games out there. Learn to play the board and mix it up a little and you’re in store for a whole lot more – practise with play money until you feel comfortable and then spin the wheel for real!

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