Omaha – Basic Strategy

This is a basic Omaha strategy article for beginners/novice and intermediate players in order to give you a good start playing Omaha.

In low-level Omaha games, most players have a tendency to be loose and passive and this can easily be manipulated to a player’s advantage. Almost everyone will believe that a two pair is a good hand and then of course they will buy into the pot and end up losing their money frivolously.

The trick is to have the patience to last out the game and then the easy money will be yours to rake in. The best way to win big money is to play the big hand that will draw in multiple players and if you have the hand pull the loose players into the gambit and take their money.

Loose and passive players have a bad tendency to do this and especially beginners when they are not skilled at their type of play and just do what naturally makes sense to them. There are no really “good” pre-flop hands because a pair of aces and pair of kings could get beaten very easily with a straight or a flush. That does not condone wild betting on the pre-flop with any random hand.

The ideal situation is to put in your large money after the flop and you are looking at a high straight draw. A pre-flop raise big can be done to scare away the loose passive players in beginner games but if you have a strong hand, slowly build up on your opponents, drawing opponents into spending their chips and then after maximizing the collection, attempt an all in push and hope that some player will follow suit and call you out.

This is the beginning to basic Omaha playing and there is so much more to be learned.

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