Omaha – The Basics

We have already talked a little about Texas Hold’em but here we are going to give a good rundown on the basics of Omaha.

There are often more people who play Texas Hold’em than Omaha, in all levels and that popularity is not attributed to anything specific. The main difference in Omaha is the dealing of four opening cards versus the two opening cards in Texas Hold’em.

To form a hand, one must choose exactly two of your four cards from your hand and three cards from the five that are face up on the table. The construction difference is not too different from Texas Hold’em but the strategies change greatly because of this twist. The winning hand for almost any round of Omaha with three or greater people become a straight or better.

The outlook on the game differs greatly in how mechanical the system of play becomes. It is easy to figure out the best possible hand at every turn of the card and calculations become easier and all the more important. The mechanical aspect ends up making Omaha more straightforward compared to Texas Hold’em. The major aspect of psychological games is severely weakened in a transition from Hold’em to Omaha.

Many people like to play high-limit Omaha, but beginner players should of course stick to the low-limit games in danger of inexperience trumping strategy and calculations.

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