Scratch Card Game

Have you ever played a scratch card game on line? They are so much better than actually buying a scratch card and scraping it yourself. There is all that nasty mess from the bit you scratch off which makes your fingers dirty and then having to rummage around to find a coin to do it with and even the hassle of going out to buy one. They are usually over with very quickly and too expensive to do many at once.

An online scratch card game is similar in that you tend to get a choice of cards with different themes. You then have to reveal the different parts of the card, in the same way you would with a coin, by clicking on each section with your mouse or sometimes you have to move the mouse across it. They may even be the option to reveal all with one click if you are impatient or not good with a mouse. If you are not happy with the game then you can choose a different look or theme.

There are often games that you can play for free which win you no money but are good for having fun and practising with. If you do decide to play for ‘real money’ then you are often asked how much you would like to bet at once. With a restricted minimum and maximum.

There are quite a few websites which have this type of game and so it should be pretty easy to find one which you like playing.

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