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The Internet Casino Industry–Still Going Strong

Now that the nation’s recession is in full swing, many people are appreciating the savings of gambling through online casinos as opposed to traveling to the famous gambling meccas of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. In 2008, the brick-and-mortar casino industry reported a total net loss of $1.05 billion. And while the net loss of 2009 has improved with reports of $670.3 million lost, the internet casino industry is still going strong.

Fierce Competition

The internet casino industry has become quite the fiercely competitive marketplace where most casino websites combine their product offerings of various casino games with strategic marketing promotions to stay competitive. Players who make the choice to gamble online have the ability to pick and choose from among the top quality online casinos available. This has only served to fuel the competitive fire felt by casino websites, creating a thriving industry in the process.

Bonus Offers

Internet casino players are now able to reap the benefits of the casino websites’ ongoing competition through the various ways they entice players to sign-up and make deposits. Of course, a successful casino website must be creative when it comes to their offers, which has spurred the widespread use of bonus offers.

Now, online casino bonuses have become the rule instead of the exception. Players are always on the lookout for the best online casino websites that offer not only the gambling games of their choice, but also the best of the best bonuses. And because bonuses are commonplace, players can find a casino website that is tailored to fit their personal gaming preferences.

Quality Service

Yet another advantage of the myriad of online casinos is that players who chose excellent gambling websites will enjoy only the best quality of service provided. Even though the competition is raging and will continue to do so for an infinite amount of time, players are able to glean the all important aspect of quality service.

Winning Odds and Payouts

Perhaps the two qualities that put internet casinos a step above the brick-and-mortar ones is online casinos’ fantastic winning odds and exceptionally high payout percentages. Casino websites generally give players higher payout percentages than their Las Vegas and Atlantic City counterparts.

Where There Is Wealth, There the Government Will Be

Partly due to the overwhelming wealth and success experienced by the internet casino industry, US law makers imposed an anti-gambling law that pertains specifically to online casinos. However, this law may possibly be repealed in 2010. If so, it will translate into a major win for not only the online gambling industry, but also the industry’s US players.

Some supporters of the anti-gambling law repeal, such as US House Representative Barney Frank from Massachusetts, do not believe gambling to be the seemingly “evil” mini-empire as portrayed by others. If this law is lifted, US players will have an easier time finding casino websites that will allow them to gamble using real money, which will only add to this online industry’s growth.

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