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Historical Timeline of Poker

Anyone who is new to the poker scene usually believes that poker has a short history of existence. However, the game of poker has a long-standing history in the card playing community, according to certain scholars who have taken the time to focus their studies towards poker’s history.

The 1400s

During the 1400s, the popular game of the Medieval times was called Pochspiel, which is thought to have been an old German word. The game of Pochspiel closely resembles that of modern poker, including the manner in which the bets are placed, hands are valued, and winners are determined. Even though some people believe that Pochspiel is also responsible for the modern word “poker,” it has been discovered that other words with German and French origins bear a closer resemblance to today’s word–poker.

The First Half of the 1800s

Despite the controversy over poker’s historical roots, the fact is that this game became extremely popular and widely played throughout various regions of the word, the United States included. Once the industrial revolution of the 1800s took hold, the game of poker was in full swing; however, it is believed that poker was referred to by another name at this point in time. Many examples of American literature from that time period clearly discuss the details of playing poker.

The 1850s

Once the 1850s rolled around, the 52-card poker deck, which is still the current, world-wide standard for all poker games, was finally introduced as an essential poker tool. After America’s Civil War–a fight between the states wishing to succeed from the union and the states wishing to be left–tons of playing elements were added onto the game of poker.

The Year of 1925

When the early 1900s appeared, specifically 1925, many poker players would participate in games that were held inside of their community. (more…)

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