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Sports Buffet Picks

Are you interested in sports betting? Do you want to profit money month in and month out from simply betting on popular sports? The Sports Picks Buffet System is a sports betting system, that was put together by Cornell Graduate and mastermind sports handicapper John Morrison himself, which helps thousands of people win lots of money every single month.

By signing up for the Sports Picks Buffet you will receive an e-mail each and every day with betting picks by hundreds of professional handicappers, who bet on sports for an income. How the Sports Picks Buffet system works is John Morrison signs up for over 500 professional handicappers sports betting picks and compiles the data to find the most popular betting picks. He spends thousands and thousands of dollars to receive these picks, and then does the work in compiling the data to find the best bets of the day. Once the betting picks are figured out, John will personally send you and everyone else who is subscribed to the betting system an e-mail with the picks for the day.

Although the idea behind the Sports Picks Buffet system is fairly basic, it is brilliant! Putting together the heads of the nation’s best handicappers to see which betting picks are the most popular for the day – it cannot get any better than that.

Only John Morrison (or someone else extremely wealthy) would be able to pull this off, as you need a huge amount of money to buy picks from over 500 handicappers. Think about it – on average a handicapper charges let’s go low with $10 a day. $10 x 500 handicappers = $5,000 per day to run the Sports Picks Buffet.

As many sports bettors know, John Morrison has become filthy rich off of sports betting and uses that money to run this system. He then charges a very fair monthly rate for anyone who wants to receive the picks from the Buffet Picks system. John marks the picks as either a good bet or best bet, and then the most popular bet from the handicappers is awarded with the title of “Ultimate Bet”. Since following the Sports Picks Buffet I have profited a lot of money, and I highly recommend you give it a shot!

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