When to Step Away from the Poker Table

Poker can be a highly emotional game due to players taking the risk of facing bad beats as well as the fact that a lot of money is up for grabs. Even though every player should make all efforts to keep their composure during game play, sometimes it is best to simply step away from the poker table. In order to do this effectively, the player should know the factors that contribute to this smart move and how not doings so can negatively influence their behavior.

Many behaviors a player engages in while away from the poker table can influence their game play while at the poker table. Some of the main factors include being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, tired, distracted, or stressed.  If you are ever faced with a situation that will impact your game play for the worse, it is always best not to play poker at all.

Drugs and Alcohol

If you use drugs or alcohol right before or during the time you are slated to play poker, you will most likely make bad playing decisions. Even basic math skills can escape a person who is buzzed or drunk, making their odds of winning the pot slim to none. This is also true for raising, and making bets while engaging in drug or alcohol use. This situation is always worse when playing in-person as opposed to online because other players will view you as an easy target.  Everyone knows the poker player who is drinking heavily during the game is a laughable competitor at best.

Traumatic Event

Anyone who has experienced a traumatic event–an argument, breakup, or death in the family–right before they are planning to play poker should not play. Even though you might think that engaging in your favorite activity could be soothing during these difficult times, poker is not the best healing activity..

Distraction and Inappropriate Timing

When it comes to distractions and poker, the two simply do not belong together. For example, if you enjoy poker so much you feel compelled to play during work hours, you will be too distracted from the thought of being caught to make good playing decisions. And if you are caught, chances are you will be looking for a new job if not immediately, at least in the near future. Or if your baby is crying, poker is definitely not the activity to focus on.

The only times you should play poker, online or in-person, is when your mind is clear and you only want to play in order to enjoy some recreation time. If you make the poor decision to play poker while you are carrying a heavy emotional burden, you will most likely reap terrible playing results, including less money that what you started with and in turn, leaving the poker table in a worse mood than when you began the game. Instead, take a cool off period while you work out or run.

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