Protect Yourself When Gambling Online

Online gambling is big news these days with millions of players logging into online casinos, betting shops and online poker rooms every day. But most of these players haven’t thought about the security risks posed by such activities to themselves and their computers.

Modern technology has enabled people to visit an online casino at any time of the day or night and select a game from a vast array of different options. But modern technology has also opened up your computer to hackers and viruses attached to downloads; it has also raised the chances of having your identity stolen by some unscrupulous individual.

When you give an online casino all your personal and financial details, you usually feel quite safe that the casino has precautions in place to protect its users. Online hackers can be very clever characters, however. Today, devious minds can hack into all sorts of highly protected and encrypted software.

So the bank account details you gave to the online casino when you signed up, along with your date of birth, phone number, address and credit card number could all possibly be seen by a third party. This person could then let loose a monster spending spree in an online shop with your card details – maxing out your credit limit before you have even noticed anything untoward has happened. Make sure you check out impartial reviews of online casinos you are thinking about joining before you give them all of your personal information. After all, a site with many previous happy customers means there is less chance of you getting your fingers burnt.

When you download software onto your computer in order to play the online casino games, viruses can get into your computer. This is not the fault of the online casino’s IT department, necessarily, but again, unscrupulous individuals who enjoy damaging other people’s computers. Once a virus has found its way onto your computer (this happens the moment you execute a file) it can be a pain and a huge cost to remove it again. It is vital that you are aware of this problem and take steps to protect yourself when using online casinos.

Another potential problem is the invasion of the computer worm. Similar to viruses, worms invade your computer, coming along attached to an inconspicuous looking file. Once inside your computer, they hook themselves into it to find out all your personal information. Not all of this information might be used to steal your identity – but it might be. No one wants to have their e-mail address used to send unsolicited or offensive e-mails, less still have their identity used for any fraudulent activities. Sometimes your worm-extracted details are ‘only’ used to bombard you with advertising or other such nuisances. In any case, you have a big problem if a worm gets into your computer system.

So, before venturing into the online gambling world, make sure your computer is up to date with anti-virus software and firewalls in order to prevent these potentially damaging infestations attacking your hard drive, your reputation, or your bank balance.

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