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Learn the Game of Craps Step by Step

In casinos located around the world, many players gravitate toward the game of craps, which enjoys a high popularity ranking. This game requires players to take turns and allows those with developed craps skills to rake in significant winning sums of money. Those who have never played this game but are interested in learning how will find this step-by-step guide to be a great introduction to the popular gambling game of craps.

Basic Rules

Before learning how to play any type of game, the new player must obviously learn the basic set of rules attached to a game; this is no different when it comes to craps. This game is only played at a special craps table that although may seem complicated to a newbie craps player, is actually a straightforward concept to those with a little craps knowledge under their belt. Upon first observation, the new player will note that each side of the craps table is a mirror reflection of one another. A puck is used and set on the table’s top. A black puck indicates there is no game currently in play while a white puck signifies a craps game that is currently going on.

Players and Turns

As stated before, craps is a game that requires players to take turns. Even if there are a great deal of players at any given craps table, only one person will be allowed to play at a time, meaning other players should expect long wait times in between turns on big games. The commencement of a craps turn involves two die being rolled. Any dice that lies on 7 or 11 brings the current player an automatic win; these winning rolls are surprisingly easy to obtain.

Other Important Number

Just as 7 and 11 bring the current player an automatic win, the opposite holds true for other numbers such as 2, 3, and 12.  If one of player’s die lands on any of these numbers, this player will automatically lose the craps game. All other numbers will allow the game to actually begin and the craps table dealer will plunk down the white puck. Once the game is underway, a player must roll a number between 4-6 or 8-9, called point numbers.  After a point number is rolled for a second time, any dice landing on 7 will be a winner. However, if a dice lands on 7 before a point number is made and repeated, the player who rolls will automatically lose.

Betting Strategy

To increase a player’s chances of winning, the player should make a generic bet that covers a wide array of results. Generic bets can be odds bets, come bets, and pass line bets. Specific bets that newbie craps players should avoid making are bets such as boxcars, snake eyes, and the fields; each of these bets give players an extremely low chance of winning and rarely payout. Most people who do win money from these bet types usually lose a lot of money first.

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