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Four Unconventional – Yet Popular Poker Games

Most people already possess a basic knowledge of traditional poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em. However, not all people are aware of the fact that there are other popular poker games of an unconventional nature that cause quite a stir of excitement within their particular community. Most of these games were invented by simply taking the traditional rules of poker and twisting them into something new and different.

Stud Poker

One of the unconventional poker games that is gaining a high level of popularity is called stud poker and in particular, the seven-card variety. There are some basic characteristics of stud poker that contribute to its uniqueness. One of these characteristics is termed as “per-arrangement.” This term means the cards utilized–referred to as “streets”–are pre-arranged and consist of a face-down and face-up mix.

Once the game is underway, stud poker appears to be much like many standard poker games. The next step players will take involves placing bets. The winner will be determined by who plunks down either the best five-card or seven-card hand, depending upon the individual game.

Straight Poker

Straight poker is yet another unconventional poker game enjoyed by many. While straight poker, “straight’ for short, does share certain similarities with traditional poker, as the game advances, the differences become clear.  One example of this is the allowance of raising and subsequent re-raising.

Players will have the opportunity to select the amount of cards of their choosing; however, most people usually select five. When the cards are being dealt, every player will receive a full hand and then, the betting process commences. Afterwards, the previously mentioned raising and re-raising begins.

Community Card Poker

Community card poker is the next unconventional game on this list that actually stems from the game of stud poke but with stricter rules. When the dealer is tossing players their cards, every player will receive their incomplete hand, with all cards facing downwards.

After this happens, the community cards are placed in the table’s center by the game’s dealer. The players will then select the remaining cards needed from the community card pile in order to form a complete hand; and of course, the winning hand is the best hand.

Draw Poker

The last type of unconventional poker game that must be mentioned is known as draw poker. Draw poker is usually played with five-card hands but more cards can be utilized in order to from a complete hand.

What makes draw poker distinctive is its interesting rule that lets the game’s players change their hands during the middle of the game. After all players have been dealt their entire hand with each card laying face down, the betting portion of the game can start. Once all bets have been made and players have had an opportunity to evaluate the strength of their hand, each person will have the choice to either switch their hands, as long as certain limits are followed, or keep the original hand they have.

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