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Do You Know Your Poker Position?

As a beginning player in the world of online poker, it goes without saying that you have a lot of things that you will need to understand in order to move forward. For example, one concept that you will hear a lot as you play more online poker is the concept of position. This simply means the position that you’re at in reference to the dealer.

There are a few different positions that will matter in poker, and your poker style may have to be modified based on where you’re seated in the game. Since you will be playing in a virtually environment, you have to imagine yourself sitting down at a real game if you need that particular visual. For the most part, position is pretty straightforward, instead though it’s important to grasp before you move forward.

The most common application of position that you’ll use is to figure out where you stand in the betting. For example, if you’re the last to bet, you may want to modify your style. This is equally applicable if you are the first person to bet. Sometimes you can intimidate other players if you’re the first one to bet, as some players will naturally fold if you lead with a strong bet. However, this can also backfire, since some people will push forward even if you bet strong. As you might imagine, this can often lead to a battle of wills as the rounds of betting come to an end.

Is there one position that is more important than another? Well, it depends on your playing style, as well as the action on the table and in the group you’re playing against. If you’re playing against loose or passive poker players, it pays to be the first person to bet. On the other hand, if you’re playing against aggressive players, it may be best to be in the middle or the last person to play. Only through playing a lot of poker hands can you really discover the best position to be in.

Most online poker players tend to prefer the late position, where they are the last to actually bet. Some have found that through sheer intimidation, they tend to win the pot more often than not. This is because they have a lot of information about the round, compared to someone that has to bet first. Still, you can intimidate weaker players in “first” position, giving you the ability to still win hands.

The most flexible players learn to keep their style consistent regardless of what position they’re in. In other words, you should remain confident no matter what poker position you find yourself in — this is definitely the key to success!

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