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World Cup 2o1o – South Africa

On Friday, June 11th, 2010, the football world cup kicks off. The matches on opening day will include South Africa Vs. Mexico, and Uruguay Vs. France. On Saturday, we will see South Korea Vs. Greece, Argentina Vs. Nigeria, and England Vs. United States. On Sunday, we will see Algeria face off against Slovenia, Serbia play against Ghana, and Germany go up against Australia.

On Monday, we will see the lineups possibly intensify. Netherlands will play Denmark, Japan will play Cameroon, and Italy will face off against Paraguay. With Tuesday we will see New Zealand Vs. Slovakia, Ivory Coast Vs. Portugal, and Brazil Vs. North Korea. Wednesday, Honduras will play Chile, Spain will play Switzerland, and South Africa will play Uruguay. Things stay hot on Thursday, June 17th, as well will see Argentina play South Korea, Greece play Nigeria, and France play against Mexico.

This is not even the end of the first round, but this is the beginning of what promises to be a very intense and exciting World cup. There are some great lineups here, and it is anyone’s guess as to who will make it to the next round. There are also going to be a LOT of bets placed over the course of this World Cup and a lot of money will be lost by a lot of people. After all, there can only be one champion, right?

If you actually want to WIN some money during this World Cup, here are some things to keep in mind. First of all, remember to place your bets out pretty widely. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket, in other words. Also, do not chase those emotional bets – I don’t care how much you WANT to bet on a team, unless the odds make the bet worthwhile, try to stick with logic this year.

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